Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making History!

What's an awesome fun way to learn about parts of speech, vocabulary, and writing structure - all while on a road trip??


Think about it.....

Think about it.....

Got it?


And our kids are LOVING them!

I even got hubby and I a big one. Over 140 stories worth. It was a great way to get the boys to work as a team, for Christian to practice his writing and spelling, and both boys are working on Language Arts so much that if they knew it would make their heads spin! It also made for lots of laughs during our car ride!

So, where were we going you ask?

Yesterday, the public had the opportunity to walk across the new Hoover Dam Bypass bridge. We were invited to stroll along, take pix, and be stunned in amazement. Most of all - be a part of HISTORY! So many years from now, our kids' kids' kids will be able to see these pix and think how cool it was that they're grandparents and great-grandparents were there before speeding traffic was ever allowed over it. They're going to think and say to each other "Can you imagine life before the bypass!?" And we'll forever remember it, because ever since we've arrived to the West Coast, going over the Hoover Dam was the only way we had to get through to Arizona. And we'll also never forget one of our first times going over the Dam and being backed up in traffic because a construction truck had flipped over right on the Dam and was blocking both lanes. Fun times... fun times...

I'll post a few pix along with some stats.

Kai, enjoying the view from the top level of the Duece double-decker bus
This was my son's idea to sit up top and at first it made me choke with nervousness. But then I was so glad he suggested it because we were able to get this shot of the Colorado River!

The bridge arch is 1,060 feet long, the deck is 900 feet long, and the tallest pre-cast concrete columns standing atop the arches are 280 feet tall - almost the length of a football field!

The total cost to complete the Hoover Dam Bypass remained unchanged at $240 million and was consistent with the original 2001 estimate.

Yep - commemorative water.

The bridge deck is 900 feet above the Colorado River and is located 1,500 feet south of the Hoover Dam.
And what I thought was so amazing was that, besides from a helicopter, before the existance of this bridge there has never been images of the Hoover Dam from this point of view!

At the time of the completion in 2010, the Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge was the longest concrete arch span in North America!

So that was our fun historical adventure yesterday. We ended up missing Ricky's soccer game and I was a few minutes late for work, but this was something that couldn't be missed!!

This trip also made me realize and finally decide that I will indeed do the Hoover Dam Half Marathon by Calico Racing. This year at the Hoover Dam is so exciting!

I'll leave you with one more pic. One that will make most families literally LOL. This was how our family group picture turned out:

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