So it's 9am on a Tuesday morning and I just ordered my fruits & veggies basket from the Bountiful Baskets Co-op. I love this co-op! Being a vegetarian and all, this is equal to a meat-eater's trip to Texas De Brazil or the Omaha Steaks truck pulling up to your house.

~ this is our basket from last week ~

$15 for the conventional basket, $25 for the organic. You get 2 small baskets - one filled with veggies and the other is filled with fruits. Everything is in season, so it's fresh and as local as they can get it.  You bring your own large basket or cooler and carefully transfer the food to your carrier. The kids are always so excited to see what we get! And in just 2 weeks of doing this, we've gotten to try so many new foods we wouldn't have ever given a chance!

This is just one way in which we stay healthy in our family.

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