Volunteering is very important to our family. It's essential to our understanding of how very blessed we are. It takes the focus off ourselves and gives us great joy to serve others selflessly.

I'm more of the volunteer coordinator than my husband, but he's always willing to do whatever we are signed up for. My husband is more of a giver. He finds happiness in funding projects, mission trips and whatever else an organization may need to survive. I'm more hands-on and wanting to be put to physical labor work whenever possible. The kids love being involved too! They come along to serve at races, plant trees, help at church or school, etc. We bond as a family and each find our own individual happy place in serving and volunteering our time.

If you ever need information on how to get plugged into your community, please feel free to contact me! I'm kind of a volunteer-junkie and have lots of opportunities on hand at any time =)

~Las Vegas Rescue Mission
~Safe Nest Domestic Violence Shelter/Services
~Silverman Triathlon
~Calico Racing races
~Las Vegas Wash
~Three Square Food Bank
~Volunteer in Henderson
~Opportunity Village
~Your children's school
~Your church or a nearby church

For people outside of Las Vegas:
~Google is your friend. Google churches nearby, race coordinators, Rescue Missions, Domestic Violence shelters, etc. If you need help, let me know! =)

Even one day a week, or one day a month. Even sporadic events. Volunteering will warm your heart and those who you're serving. G'head and challenge me, I double dog dare you =)