Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Virus Has Hit Our House

And no, I don't mean the flu virus. (Which don't you feel bad for the people who make a special trip to get the flu shot and are yet again scammed?)

What I'm talking about is a computer virus - ack. I haven't been able to access my netbook in over a week. We have this ancient desktop - that I'm oh so grateful for - but it's sloooooow. And it has issues. We'll make due though... too many families don't even have access to one computer.

So, anyway, I'm sitting here making our dinner menu for the next 2 weeks. Yes, I admittedly look up recipes online and make my family try them. It's good to try new things!

Does your family try new recipes? How often - weekly, monthly? Where do you get those new recipes from?

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